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Alcoa is a global leader in lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing. At Alcoa, you will help develop and improve the products that we use every day, making amazing innovations a sustainable reality. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for college interns and new graduates in many disciplines including automotive, aerospace, industrial and electronic consumer products. The exciting and challenging work you will do will help the company to continue enhancing our world. Discover how you’ll advance your generation at Alcoa.

What Our Interns Are Saying

Name Jodi

Major Mechanical Engineering and Physics

School University of Virginia

“My main project for the summer is to improve the recovery rate for driveshaft production in order to reduce the estimated 200,000 pounds per month of excess scrap. After learning about the processes involved with the press, I was able to optimize the billet lengths around two sizes that have a potential average recovery of 70% for all bloom types and savings of around $400K/year.

My internship with Alcoa has been an eye-opening experience because, after three years of learning about manufacturing processes and the machine elements produced, I am able to see it first hand and obtain more insight than any book can provide. The projects I am involved in are very hands-on, as I am responsible for gathering the information and data that will allow me to develop a solution and plan of action.

Alcoa has shown me that a company can take social responsibility for its actions and still make a profit. The values set up by the corporation are upheld by every individual I have met, showing the depth and impact it has not only on the workers, but also the local community.”

Name Nicholas

Major Materials Science Engineering

School Purdue University

“Our customer asked Alcoa to determine which high-strength alloys will form an oxide coating that meets strict design specifications. From many experiments with various alloys, we have developed processes and methods that successfully anodize high-strength alloys to meet the specifications.

My research involves better understanding the poor anodizing response of high strength alloys and determining processes that can successfully anodize these alloys. The ultimate goal is to produce a surface finish aesthetically pleasing enough to be used in consumer electronics and enable the development of thinner, lighter and stronger devices.

I have gained experience in this internship that I would not be able to gain in class or conducting research on a university campus. Most university research is for applications that are far from commercialization. The research I am involved with at Alcoa is highly applicable to many industries and close to commercialization. Not many internships give students the opportunity to work on projects that have the ability to make huge impacts.”

Name Samatha

Major Industrial Engineering

School Penn State University – University Park

“I have already learned so much at Alcoa! The projects are very visual and hands-on. In my third week, I participated in a Kaizen event for the Tandem Mill. A group of about 10 people spent four days reviewing and updating standardized work, as well as identifying safety issues and improvement ideas. Everyone was extremely helpful when I asked about a million questions. That is an industrial engineer’s dream come true.

The Alcoa culture is amazing. I feel very welcome and the office atmosphere is calm and happy. My boss has given me projects that she knows won’t be too overwhelming and will use the knowledge I learned in school. She also realizes that this is my summer break and wants me to have fun during the internship.

All nine interns volunteered a day at Habitat for Humanity. This was a great experience to get to know the other interns, get out of the office and help the community. Painting and landscaping were really fun and we were happy to help. Most of all, we felt proud to be wearing Alcoa t-shirts while we were volunteering.

This internship has been inspiring. Seeing how the operators, staff, supervisors and managers all work together to produce a flawless product is amazing. The experience I have gained, as well as just being an adult ‘for the first time,’ is something I would not ever give up. I don’t think I could have been given a better experience this summer.”

Name Mark

Major Information Sciences and Technology

School Penn State

“I have been involved with several projects during my internship. The most notable one involves the rollout of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) hard phone/soft phone implementation. It has been a fantastic learning experience and has provided the opportunity to take part in the planning, meetings and the overall functions of a big project. I have been able to take the lead in some meetings, as well as perform the organizational work.

This work relates directly to the field of my degree, meaning that I have been able to put my learning into practice in a real-life situation. I have also learned first-hand about the immense planning that goes into a project, as well as the continuous reevaluation process that take place throughout the lifecycle. All of this learning will be of great benefit to my future.

The best part of my internship at Alcoa has to be the hands-on experience that I receive each day, whether it is handling data, a project-based task or some other type of learning. I work alongside a knowledgeable and inspiring team of individuals who not only make on-the-job learning more valuable, but also make the tasks enjoyable.”

Name Summer

Major Mechanical Engineering

School Penn State University

"The projects that I worked on gave me real world experience because it was real work that needed to be completed. I was very involved in designing the enclosure and ordering the correct safety equipment for the robotics lab, so much so that I was given full responsibility of communicating to the company that we ordered everything from. As far as my experience in the forming lab, I worked in small groups to complete the testing that needed to be performed."

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